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The Pet Professional Guild provides for its members lots of educational opportunities. Each month we offer our members one FREE 
webinar and as we expand we will grow our member webinar services.  The Guild also offer a selection of education courses 
through third party providers. If you would like to host a webinar with PPGBI then please complete this short form 

Upcoming events

    • Wednesday, August 31, 2022
    • 9:00 AM
    • Sunday, May 28, 2023
    • 12:00 PM
    • On Demand - Access the Program as Soon as You Register!

    An Invaluable Resource for ALL Trainers Pet Care Providers!

    CEUs - PPAB 3, CPDT 3, KPA 3, IAABC 2

    As pet professionals, we all know how important it is that a dog reliably responds to his name. And if you ask pet dog guardians, they will tell you that they want their dog to come when called... Yet most dogs are simply given a name and expected to respond to it.

    Name response is such an important skill and can be so much fun to train! At DogNostics' we wish to provide you with the tools that will not only make a difference to your life as a pet professional - both improving your skills and increasing your income - but will also positively impact on the pets you work with and their guardians. Real changes for a real-world!

    We are sure that you will find DogNostics' 1O-Steps to an Amazing Response to Name one of the best small investments you ever make!

    We hope that you love the program as much as we do!

    Perfecting the Name Game!

    A Dognostics’ Pet Dog Solutions Resource for Pet Professionals!

    In this indispensable skills-based program, we provide a DogNostics’ Pet Dog Solution that combines the art, craft, and science, of training an enthusiastic response to name.

    • Explore the meaning of name response.
    • Learn how to condition a positive emotional response to a dog’s name so it becomes ‘music to his ears’!
    • Master the ten steps to optimal name response via step-by-step instructional videos.
    • Learn games and activities that can be used to proof and generalize an incredible response to name!
    • Watch a total of over 2 hours of video files! Access numerous client handouts, a full 6-class curriculum, and a 21-page client e-book!
    • Discover how you can incorporate your newfound knowledge, and the material presented, into your business and even increase your business revenue!

    Your Program Content Includes:

    How to Use the Train-Test-Train Method (Pdf Handout)

    Two Prerequisite Training Games (E-learning Videos)

    • GAME #1 - The Thousand Dollar Name Game.
    • GAME #2 - Let’s Go Operant Name Game.

    Your 10-Step Training Plan Video Files

    • STEP 1 – The Games Begin!
    • STEP 2 – Building Focus on You!
    • STEP 3 – Introduce Your Dog’s Name!
    • STEP 4 – Promoting a Turn Towards You!
    • STEP 5 – Introducing Distance!
    • STEP 6 – Increase the Distance of the Treat Toss!
    • STEP 7 – Call the Dog Before He/she Looks!
    • STEP 8 – Delay the Click!
    • STEP 9 – Treat & Run!
    • STEP 10 – Treat Scatter Game!

    Individual Written Instructions for Each Game (12 x Pdf Files)

    How to Train a Positive Interrupter (Supplementary Lesson – E-Learning Video File).

    DogNostics’ Do’s & Don’ts of Name Response (5-Page Pdf Client Handout)

    6 Additional Games! (6 x Video Demonstrations & 6 x Pdf Client Handouts with step-by-step instructions).

    DogNostics’ 10 Steps to an Amazing Response to Name Client 21-Page E-Book with Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Game!

    Full Six-Class Curriculum!

    Class Graduation Certification (1 x Editable Pdf Client Certificate)

    Program Benefits

    This program won’t just benefit pet dog guardians as their pets begin to happily respond to their names, it will also benefit your business if you are a pet professional.

    • Use the program for group or private classes!
    • Incorporate the games into your regular pet dog manners’ classes!
    • Offer a specialty Name Response Class –The material is the perfect length for a six-week prepaid package!
    • Simply incorporate into your pet care business!

    How you deliver the service will depend on you and your business model but DogNostics’ 10 Steps to An Amazing Response to Name should help generate additional business income and lead to very satisfied clients, both human and canine!

    Your Program Instructor

    Louise Stapleton-Frappell - B.A. Hons. PCBC-A. PCT-A. CAP3. CTDI. CWRI. DN-FSG2. DN-CPCT2. FFCP.

    Professional Canine Behavior Consultant and Trainer – Accredited by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board

    Co-Partner and Faculty Member of DogNostics Career Center and Board Member of The Pet Professional Guild.

    Louise’s experience, her background as a teacher and her impressive pet industry credentials means she is uniquely qualified to share her skills and knowledge with both the public and pet industry professionals. The creator of the DogNostics’ Dog Trainer Certification Program, Louise has presented at conferences internationally and has gained a reputation for expertly teaching and training humans and canines at her own establishment, The DogSmith of Estepona, in Southern Spain. Louise has published numerous articles on dog training and dog behavior and is also the published co-author of the following titles, A Lexicon of Practical Terms for Pet Trainers and Behavior Consultants and Pet Training and Behavior Consulting: A Model for Raising the Bar to Protect Professionals, Pets and Their People.

    • Sunday, December 25, 2022
    • 5:00 PM
    • Monday, December 25, 2023
    • 6:00 PM
    • Zoom

    PPG Members - Come and join us for a Holiday Chat & Chuckle.

    Hosted on Zoom. Register for the link

    Some time to chat, reflect, laugh, and network with your colleagues about 2022. Let’s also inspire each other regarding our goals for 2023.

    If you:

    • Are struggling or going through a difficult time
    • Have had bad past experiences at holiday time
    • Are spending your first Christmas without a loved one
    • Missing a family member who is not there for the holidays
    • Avoid social situations and find them overwhelming
    • Or would just like to spend an hour with colleagues reflecting on your year and planning for the next …

    We are here.

    Join us for the whole hour or just jump on and say hello.

    5 p.m. Sunday, December 25, 2022. 

    • Monday, February 20, 2023
    • 7:00 PM
    • Tuesday, February 20, 2024
    • 8:00 PM
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    Predatory Behavior in Dogs with Jean Donaldson

    CEUs: PPAB 1. CCPDT, IAABC & KPA Pending

    Registered for the live event, get busy and cannot make it!

    No worries you will automatically receive a recording!

    This presentation will offer an understanding of predatory behavior in dogs as well as the strategy options for training and managing it. What is our best bet for training a recall in a predatory dog without the use of aversive stimuli (R-)? And is it possible to improve a dog who is predatory towards resident cats?

    Learning Objectives

    1. Thorough understanding of what predation is and the predatory sequence in dogs 
    2. Contrast predatory motivation with fight/flight 
    3. Usual presentations with training and management strategies overview
    4. Recall training without aversives 
    5.  Protocol for living with cats

      About Your Presenter

      Jean is the founder and principal instructor of The Academy for Dog Trainers, a two-year comprehensive professional program in evidence-based pet dog training, behavior, class teaching and behavior counseling. The Academy celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019 and has certified over one thousand behavior counselors and trainers.

      She is a four-time winner of The Dog Writers' Association of America's Maxwell Award, and her books include The Culture Clash, Dogs are from Neptune, Fight! A Practical Guide to Dog-Dog Aggression, and Train Your Dog Like a Pro. In 2017, Jean was recruited to create and teach Dog Training 101 for The Great Courses, a 24-part series on dog training and behavior.

      Her own dogs and dogs she has trained have earned numerous titles and wins in a variety of dog sports, including OTCh, TDX, HIT and FDCh. Before founding The Academy, Jean did exclusively referral aggression cases for six years.

      A native of Montreal, Canada, she lives in California, with her dog, Brian, adopted in 2015. Her interests include evolutionary biology, baseball analytics, baking, helping Chow Chows, the history of the British monarchy, and music.

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